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KeraSpa Mini Kit 300

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Stages 1, 2 & 3 in 300ml bottles. Enough for 6 to 10 applications.


Kera 1 Shampoo pH 4
The Kera 1 shampoo contains keratin, collagen and polyquaternium. Kera 1 removes all impurities from the hair shaft and prepares the hair to receive the smoothing system KeraSpa Intense.
Kera 2 Smoothing System pH 1.5
The KeraSpa Intense hair smoothing system uses a new technology, Matrix Plus, a complex of amino acids cysteins that releases proteins sequentially. It reduces up to 90% curls, volume and removes all the frizz. Matrix Plus combines the benefits of babassu oil, wheat germ oil, carob and vitamin E to improve the moisture of the hair leaving it smoother, stronger, healthier and shinier.
Kera 3 Final pH 4
Kera 3 is the last step of the smoothing system. It contains Babassu oil, shea butter, collagen and keratin that replenishes hair and restores flexibility.
Kit Consists only of steps 1,2,3 all in 300 ml bottles.
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